6 Clever Ways To Make Money Online

With the steady growth of the internet and the variety of things you can do, it’s a well-known fact that people have and continue to make money from home. The internet is home to hundreds of get-rich-quick ideas and even some long-time ventures that have proven quite profitable to people who chose to plunge their feet into the deep waters.

Most businesses have moved their transactions and deals to the online platform, which has led to an explosion of opportunities for a vast percentage of the global population. All you need to begin making money is an internet subscription and a device that can access the internet.

Making money online has lots of advantages compared to more traditional 9-5 jobs. For instance, you get to dictate how much money you make, you get to decide how many hours you’ll work, you’ll take back control of your life, and most importantly, you’ll get more time to interact and connect with your family and friends.

More people have realized that making money online isn’t a pipe dream. Most people have been doing it for decades now, and the proof is in their results. For instance, great leaders like Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma have displayed how profitable online ventures can be. But how do you go about it?

What is the most profitable way to make real money online?

The best way to make money online isn’t necessarily about having a killer product that you can sell by the millions or getting a super platform to earn you millions. (But, if you had either or both of these, then it would certainly help.)

The best way to make money online is by having a strategy and being disciplined enough to follow the plan. After choosing your strategy, you’ll then go ahead and select your product or a platform that allows you to market your services.

You could either invest in a business or offer your services on a reputable online platform. You could sell your products on Amazon, create a website, freelance on other platforms like Upwork, or even open a YouTube channel to showcase your skills and talents. However, you’ll have to keep in mind the most important thing: if you want to make more money over a long period, then you’ll have to think long term.

The internet is filled with get-rich-quick schemes that are pretty lucrative and tempting. However, these get-rich-quick schemes are often not the best since most people have ended up losing their savings with the hopes of getting rich quickly.

How can I make money from home right now?

If you’ve got the resources, then there are several platforms that you could use and start earning almost immediately. Provided you can access the internet, and you have a device you could use to access the internet, either a phone or, most preferably, a computer, then you could begin earning money as soon as you register.


Suppose you have valuable skills like writing, graphic design, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc. In that case, you could join one of several platforms that require such skills and make money online without paying anything.

As noted earlier, the internet is steadily growing; it’s full of businesses and, more importantly, business people who want to outsell their competition. As such, online merchants need people who can make their eCommerce websites more profitable.

If you have the relevant skills, all you need to do is create an account with one of the numerous freelancing websites, bid for jobs, and soon enough, you’ll get your first gig and earn money online!

Become an online tutor

If you love teaching new skills to people and have the proper certification, you could become an online tutor and start earning immediately. Online tutoring works similar to writing and translation gigs in that you only have to create your account, provide the proper certification and start earning from your jobs.

Creative ways to make money from home

There are various ways you could make money online. Some of these ways may require you to have some starting capital, while with others, you could start with everyday tools around your home. Some of these online ventures include DIY videos, creating apps, becoming an influencer, etc.

DIY and similar YouTube videos

Thanks to YouTube, millions of people are earning millions of dollars yearly. All these people do is record themselves doing what they love most and post it on YouTube! For instance, if you love traveling, you could record your traveling adventures and post them on YouTube.

The more views you get on YouTube’s platform, the more money you’ll earn. You could do this with skills in various other niches like online gaming, cooking, DIY (Do It Yourself) videos, and other creative talents and earn from the comfort of your home!

Publishing EBooks

If you love writing, be it short stories, poems, or complete novels, you could easily earn some money publishing your book on Amazon KDP. However, you’ll need to write the book, format it, make an EBook cover, and promote it.

If you are not a writer, you could still hire someone to write you the book and pay a graphic designer to help you design the book’s cover. You could then choose a workable marketing strategy like giving out the book for free for a few days and get unbiased feedback.


If recording videos is too personal for you, then you could consider hosting an online podcast. With podcasts, you may be able to get sponsors willing to pay you to advertise their product on your program. However, one crucial thing that would be good to note is that podcasts can take some time to grow. You’ll need to be very patient or creative if you want your podcast to snowball.


One other creative way to earn big money online is by becoming an influencer. Marketers have realized that small-scale influencers are more popular with consumers, and they tend to produce even better results than large-scale marketing.

This realization has opened many spaces for those who would like to make money as online influencers through platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc. However, like many other platforms that involve garnering an online following, you’ll have to be either very creative or patient if you want to grow your audience to greater heights.

Creating apps

If you can create high-quality apps and websites, then you are in for some big bucks. With almost any business transaction, communication, and many different types of information being conducted through the internet, it seems ideal to teach yourself a skill that involves facilitating or maintaining such processes. However, these skills also require creativity and patience, but the takeaway is that once you master them, then the chances are that you’re likely to reap big. Take founders of companies like Instagram and WhatsApp who sold their apps for millions. They probably didn’t know that such a skill could end up being that beneficial.


What is the best app to win real money?

There are hundreds of apps you could use to earn money and simultaneously have mindless fun. Instead of playing games on apps that don’t make you money, you could switch to some of these apps:


You could use this app to play free games and other new games from which you can earn points. You could use these points to get free rewards from popular retailers like Visa, Amazon, Xbox, Starbucks, etc.

Do any apps pay you real money?

Yes. Some apps pay you real money. For instance, you could check out InboxDllars, an app that lets you redeem your reward points for real cash!


If you’d instead get paid in cash than reward points, then you could use InboxDollars, a free app that offers a great selection of both paid and free games. You could play these games and earn reward points that you can then redeem for actual dollars.

IboxDollars has more than 30 games you could play, and the app’s average earnings per activity range from 25 cents up to 5 dollars. You could also fill out surveys and web searches in the app to earn even more cash.

How to make money online easily without paying anything in the UK

If you are in the UK, you could make money online without paying by starting a blog! I should have started with this; after all, I’m a blogger but better late than never!

You may be thinking, ‘What makes a blog different from a website?’ Well, a blog is a website but with a personal touch. However, while blogging pays handsomely, it isn’t as easy as most people seem to think. It requires patience and hard work, and as soon as it gets recognition, you could make as much cash as you’re willing to.

However, this depends on the effort and time you’re willing to put into it! If blogging isn’t your thing, you could also perform online surveys, get paid for searching the web, review apps and websites for cash, join “get paid to“ sites, do deliveries for delivery websites, etc. You could also perform gigs on Fiver and Upwork!


Getting a substantial amount of earnings through online gigs is undoubtedly not easy, especially if you are starting; however, if you are persistent and use creative means, then chances are that you’ll make lots of cash. The internet is still growing, which means that there are many opportunities that one can take advantage of. Don’t be afraid; you could begin to make money from home today!